My name is Becky Martinez and I am a proud mother to 5 amazing children which include 3 of my own and 2 bonus babies. California is where I was born and raised but 9 years ago I moved to Colorado and I instantly felt like I was finally home.  Serving people in my community has always been what I have sought after while pursuing a career.  I worked as a 911 Dispatcher for 3 years.  One of my strongest assets in this job position was that I speak fluent spanish, and I know it will be the same helping you buying or selling your home.  While I worked as a 911 dispatcher I really developed a bond with the first responder community. Being a single mother at the time the hours and demands of a career I so loved had become too much and I had to make the hard decision to leave. I needed something that allowed me to be a great mother but that still challenged me in some form, so I began working on mortgage loans which were completely new to me.  Working on home loans for 2 years, I learned a lot but still felt like something was missing. I needed to feel like I was giving back to my community somehow. That is how I became to know Ryan and ultimately what led me to real estate. It was the best of both worlds for me. The flexibility I needed to be a present mother and the ability to give back to all those heroes that I so greatly appreciate by being able to offer the Homes For Heroes program.  Being a 911 dispatcher and spending a lot of time working with the Heroes of my community I realized life has a funny way of bringing people together and after leaving I met the love of my life Brock, a police officer for the department that I worked for, and one of the most important reasons I am passionate about the Homes for Heroes program.  I may not be able to give back to the community like before, but I can now give back to those who give the most. I value honesty, and integrity and hope to be able to serve my clients as if they were my own family.